Tuesday, May 12, 2009

countdown to NSS

So I have one more day before my move-in to NSS! i can't believe it's almost here and frankly, I am ready for it to be here. The little details is what's stressing me out the most- photocopying, press kits, new product display, transportation, etc. So many small details. I am trying to keep sane by just knowing that I have three full days to move everything in and that I will have the help of my family and friends.

It's still very overwhelming. It's hard to know what this year will be like with the recession and all. Will anyone be ordering? I really just want one order- just one!!! But if that doesn't happen, this has been an awesome experience (so far). Hopefully I will learn a ton in the days to come too!!!

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  1. I love cards and card making. It's wonderful to find such an inspiring blog.